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Handling 78RPM Records that are Donated to the Internet Archive

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  • Contact the donor to find out preferred pickup dates/times, specifics of location (including conditions of access at the location), and complete contact info.
  • In the email, include when the donor would prefer a pickup (in general we do not want delays because we want to make sure we get the donation)
  • When boxes are ready to be shipped, follow the FreightPickup process to arrange pickup.


IF a private residence/individual there are a series of concerns to get the material to the proper IA , GB or ARC location.

After getting full contact info, ask:

• Can the donor describe the items

genres – labels - formats

• How many of each format. Estimates OK, exact = better

LPs – 10” 78s – 12” 78s – 10” 78 albums – 12” 78 albums – cassettes –
7” singles - books –magazines – posters – video – DVDs - CDs
audio equipment

• Can you describe condition

• Are discs in sleeves

• Are they catalogued. What format or program. Digitized.

Look at the list of materials if available, and if seems necessary

• Has anyone gone through [cherrypicked/taken] any of the material since the list
was created.

• Are there time concerns – when is final date the material needs to be moved.

Once you know the above, and you’ve had a chance to evaluate the donor and the collection. and you want the material, ask:

• Can you help pack [send packing info link if necessary]

• Do you have any help to pack things up

• Can you easily allow a UPS drop off of materials and/or a UPS pickup

• Can you drop off at UPS or FedEx location

• If near an IA/ARC/GB location can you drop off

• Do you have a computer/printer if we sent labels

• Can you help load truck or van

• Describe the location

can a truck park easily – stairs – materials at street level or what floor – elevator building – doorman/concierge - driveway

Knowing this info will allow you to best determine how to organize the packing and the pickup/shipping.

  Thorpe Collection Donation Item from Batavia Public Library
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  -- Bob George - 2016-08-04
Fred back weds and we'll go over the timing/how long it should take based on condition and do a series of photos on how to do a pack-up for George Blood

-- Bob George - 2016-08-09

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