Handling 78RPM Records that are Donated to the Internet Archive

78RPM records that are donated to the Internet Archive often require being put in new sleeves and boxes and put on our pallets.

The sleeves are stored XXX, and they can be ordered through: YYY

The boxes are stored XXX, and they can be ordered through: YYY

If the pallets are in bad shape, then please use the Internet Archive standard pallets.

They are stored 3 high, 9 boxes on a level, then a cardboard separators inbetween. *fred-- can you please take a photo give to caitlin or sean and maybe marc can do it?**

Labeling the pallets: standard pallet number applies, but if there is any information about who donated this, and what the boxes on that pallet means, please write this repetatively on paper and adhere it to the pallet. *marc or sean-- how should this be done?*


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