Handling 78RPM Records that are Donated to the Internet Archive

B.George and Fred Patterson are the leaders of this project.

78RPM records that are donated to the Internet Archive PhysicalArchive

Supplies are all on green shelves at Florida Avenue:

if more supplies are needed, see OrderingSupplies

On arrival of a Donation of 78's:

  • count the pallets/boxes make sure you get everything on bill of lading/contract/deed.
  • Start a DonationItem if one does not exist for this donation.
  • Take photos of the documentation and the general collection (not each thing, just an overview) and add it to the DonationItem. To add files/upload to an existing item do https://archive.org/upload/?identifier=XXX
  • IF material is packed safely, stable and on the right size pallet – do nothing. Put it into the injest process (we will need to create “safely, stable” criteria.)
  • IF material looks badly packed, boxes piled too high, piles sagging, boxes damaged, pallet not a standard IA size, or piled material looks unstable in any way, then:

If 78's are in distributor boxes (thin boxes that hold about 25 disks):

  • put boxes into the 13"x13" boxes.
  • put bubblewrap below, above, and between the boxes to remove the space on the sides but not to fill all space above.

If 78's are singletons or in albums or odd sized boxes:

  • With proper supplies (see above), unpack each boxes and place 78s in new 13sq boxes
  • 78s should be standing up in each box, not flat. If in sleeves, sleeve opening at top
  • ideally they are all already in sleeves
  • if not sleeved, cost/time considerations will determine if you will place in sleeves
  • if possible place in sleeves, *what about torn sleeves? ones with writing and pictures on them?*
  • if no time/money to re-sleeve try and put some bubble wrap or cardboard every 20 or so 78s.
  • mark each box with an up arrow
  • Label each box with a collection name (or IA ID equivalent)

Building a box for 78's: (sean and fred to fill this out, think photos!)

  • the 13" square boxes are good, but need extra tape because the weight.

  • Use a cross tape pattern to ensure strength
  • fold bubble wrap so that it is 2 layers thick and place in the bottom of the box.
  • Load distributer boxes evenly in center of box.
  • place buffering materails around the distributer boxes to avoid damage.
  • Use cross taping to close box, leave the air space on top of distributer boxes.
  • draw an arrow to show the proper orientation of the box.

Put boxes on a Pallet:

  • Box Labels and pallet label with barcodes should be printed for each pallet. *sean to add this*
  • place nine 13sq boxes on a pallet level. Inbetween levels go a cardboard sheet.
  • still to be determined, how many levels, but two for sure. * see test below *
  • (A 13" by 13" by 13" box can store approximately 90 78rpm records. With 9 boxes on a level, 3 levels, that is 27 boxes, or 2430 78's per pallet.)
  • place flat heavy sheet of cardboard between each level, but not on top.
  • Strap the boxes together on the pallet to help keep the boxes stable on moving them around. Maybe shrinkwrap. **picture from sean**
Pallets are now ready storage

FUTURE and NOT FINISHED: For shipping them to George Blood Company for digitization: to be worked on by bgeorge

  • we bought gold 78 sleeves and pack each 78 in one of these, get from Bags Unlimited
  • we use a 11x11 u-line white clamshell box to pack 22 or so seventy eights
  • we pack 4 of these in a 13x13x13 u-line 200b box

Thorpe Collection (needs a donation item) from Batavia Public Library

Tercat Collection from Rhode Island about 77,000 78's. will go on approximately 32-40 pallets.


-- Bob George - 2016-08-03

Can I edit? "Supplies are all on green shelves at Florida Avenue" should be "Audio Preservation + Packing Supplies are all on green shelves at Florida Avenue" Should also be a Receiving heading in this doc, or a part of "on arrival". If a shared collection: ARC + IA • make sure you have contacted ARC + have paper/form explaining what is coming in + and have a short collection name for ID • Inspect the material for condition • Count the materials (we have loose guidelines as to how to do easily) as ARC does not issue a deed of gift for tax purposes unless we look at and count the material. • send this info to ARC • Call the donor to advise on arrival (I did this for tercat this am) + say great or discuss problems + offer fawning thank you's So, rethinking this Fred will have to at least do some inspection of Tercat.

-- Bob George - 2016-08-04

Handling 78s • 78s are VERY FRAGILE. • They are made from shellac, ie beetle (not Beatle) parts • never touch the surface (black face) of a 78, or any sound recording with your fingers. Fingers have oil, oil embeds dirt and dust. Support from the center and finders on the edge. • Do not pick up by the edges • Do not lift more than 10 at a time (about an 1.5" or so thick). • When removing from a large box of 78s, make sure that the bulk remains upright, as the weight of angled recording may cause breakage • Lift and set down carefully. Always place on a clean surface flat, padded preferred, when working on or re-sleeving. • ideally all unsleeved 78s are placed in a clean gold or white paper sleeve. • better recordings, or recordings with cardboard illustrated sleeves should be placed in a clear plastic archival 10" outer sleeves. NEXT: Dealing with 78s in booklet / albums.

-- Bob George - 2016-08-04

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